Cialis Professional (active ingredient - Tadalafil 20 mg) is a medication having more strong formula than standard Cialis, allowing more productive help at different erectile disorders. The new formulas allow receiving faster and more efficient results in a shorter period of time. Namely, Cialis Professions in 20 mg dosage is considered to be

the most effective medicine against men's sexual sphere problems, and also

increases the activation rate, compresses erection, enhances sexual durability, significantly prolongs sexual intercourse. 1 tablet of Cialis Professions acts within 36 hours.

The active component of Cialis, Tadalafil is an artificial pharmaceutical compound extending blood vessels of genitals.

By removing tension of pelvis floor muscles the medication increases blood supply to the penis, thus compressing erection.

Notable results occur in 25-30 minutes after taking a tablet.


Safety information

Cialis Professional can be taken in the dose of no more than one tablet per day. Tablets should be taken with water. There is not treatment course. Medics do not recommend combining this medication with other erection stimulators, nitrates, strong painkilling tablets, sleeping pills and anti-depressants.

The medicine is prohibited:

  • for children under 18;
  • for people suffering from anatomic deformation of the penis;
  • for men with genuine QT interval;
  • in combination with nitrates and nitrate donators;
  • in combination with indinavir and ritonavir;
  • at severe disorders of kidney and liver functions;
  • insult and infarct occurred less than half a year ago;
  • other severe cardiac diseases;
  • in case of ulcer disease and other diseases related to bleeding;


Possible side effects

Sleepiness, organism weakness, a decrease of working capacity, pain in temples and nausea, dizziness - these symptoms usually occur after overdosing. At their detection stop treatment and consult a doctor.

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